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Solar Powered LED Street Light

Date:2017-11-9  Hits:4538


Green Choice LED’s Solar Powered LED Street Light Project Considered a Success
Recently Green Choice LED completed a first of its kind solar powered streetlight project for the city of Shenandoah,
 Texas in late January. Now, the streets of Shenandoah Valley subdivision are illuminated by eighty-one solar powered 
LED streetlights.
The feedback from residents of Shenandoah Valley and city officials has been positive. The city set up an email account
( strictly for feedback from Shenandoah Valley residents. One resident states, “I like the 
solar lights very much. My family and I have been a resident here since 1975 and I have always thought we really needed
more street lights for security. We hope they city will decide to put up many more throughout the area. It is needed and
has been a long time coming.” Jackie, an employee from the office of the city administrator says, “I think they look 
fantastic, and it’s just the right thing to do.”
The city decided to go with the solar powered street lights after studying the idea. According to Greg Smith, city 
administrator, "using solar panels to light the street lights would cost the city about $40,000 less, would eliminate 
about $2,000–$3,000 in annual electricity costs, would not require additional engineering, and could eliminate the need 
to damage residents yards or install power boxes near their homes."
Several other motivating factors for the city were the go green concept, crime reduction, and the ability to sustain
lighting during power outages. The street lights are designed to withstand hurricane force winds, three- inch size hail,
and in the absence of sunlight, the batteries will last for thirty hours. Shenandoah still remembers the nightmare it
faced in 2008 when Hurricane Ike left the city in darkness for seven days.
The word is spreading about the value in solar powered LED lighting solutions and as a result, Green Choice LED and its 
staff are staying very busy.